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Brand New Summer Collection - Trentasetteofficial
Announcing the Brand New Summer Collection from the Design Team at Trentasette!

The fashion-forward thinkers at Trentasette Clothing have developed a brand new Summer Collection of finely machine knitted cotton blends in comfy, elegant designs to fit any occasion. Stunning colors are mixed with unique patterns for a style sure to build your confidence and bring new energy to your summer wardrobe. Each piece is carefully selected to provide your next look with an extra pop of modern elements that are subtly combined with classical form.

Whether you are coming off a long day of relaxing by the beach or preparing for an afternoon with friends sipping cold drinks and enjoying fine food, this stunning new collection from Trentasette won’t disappoint. Our favorite part about these limited-edition pieces is their knitting. Trentasette took the bold step of using cotton and viscose quality blended fabric to create a soft material base with bold colors for a beautiful look.

If you want to see their new Butterfly Soft Summer Cardigan in action or look at the flow of their Ruffled Metallic Sundress, you need to check out their Instagram account @trentasetteofficial. Their models perfectly display the look, feel, and flow of each of the collection’s pieces in a way that makes you want to purchase the entire set for your wardrobe.

Trentasette is an eloquent themed designer from Dubai, UAE, who understands the need for a modest, yet playful creation. They know what quality material holds up best under the hot afternoon sun while still providing comfort through a timeless style. Their international experience is the perfect canvas for creating ensembles that will be sure to build your confidence and feelings of joy. 

This fantastic summer collection includes versatile pieces that work in the casual business sector as well as on the beach. There are two beach sets that are particularly attractive for anyone looking for a quick change-up to their normal after swim look. Almost every single piece is designed with accessories in mind. You will be able to maximize the jewelry, shoes, and hat pieces you’ve always wanted to show off.

One thing is clear, if you’ve ever seen any of Trentasette’s products: This brand is all about having a fun time and staying comfortable. They embrace the classic eloquence of women like Audrey Hepburn and Anne Hathaway with playful designs meant to bring out the fun personality of even the most reserved recipient.

If you are looking for a brand new collection of genuinely trendsetting knit summer clothes, then you need to check out the Summer Collection by Trentasette. Follow them on Instagram for more details of what pieces may be coming out next.

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