The Eloquence of High Fashion with Sustainable Fabric

The Eloquence of High Fashion with Sustainable Fabric - Trentasetteofficial

 For decades textile and clothing companies have embraced the idea of eloquent fashion to mean rare materials. The traditions of seeking out the hardest-to-find fabrics and creating pieces that are meant to be showcased on models and starlets are becoming a thing of the past.

 With so many new boutiques opening online, there is a sense of extraordinary comfort in knowing your most reliable providers are moving away from rare sourcing and into the social movement of sustainability. That is why Trentasette is proud to announce its new line of fully sustainable outfits and designs.

 Announcing the Brand New Sustainable Collection for the Design Team at Trentasette

 The breakthrough fashion designers from Trentasette have taken the elements of sustainability and added their own renowned flair. They have taken the trend of eco-friendly and greener choices into their blended fabrics using viscose material as the basis for incredible looks.

 Viscose is a naturally sourced fabric made from wood pulp and used as a silk substitute. Trentasette has combined the organic material with infused well-known luxury items to create a clothing line that lovingly drapes down your body for a smooth feel. This lightweight end-product is the perfect solution for hot summer days and humid evenings walking along your favorite boardwalk eatery.

 Trentasette is well known for its woven fabrics, and with this new sustainable line, they do not disappoint. The intricate patterns and subtle line design adds a sense of chic fashionista without losing the classic tell-tale beauty of their pieces. Yet, even though they have stepped into the world of sustainable fashion, they have not lost any of their playful nature. Visit their Instagram account @trentasetteofficial to see all the incredible designs and attractive structures of this latest line.

 Created in the hot climate of Dubai, UAE, Trentasette holds a deep understanding of what fabric breathes the best maintains color under the harsh sunlight. They know how to combine comfort and style while still pushing the limits of classic Italian looks mixed with Boho sensibilities. Each of their pieces creates the perfect canvas to showcase your favorite wardrobe selections or jewelry accouterments.


This is a fashion brand that loves to add excitement to classic outfits. One look at the line styling and subtle color choice will tell you all you need to know about Trentasette’s ability to mesh modern and timeless favorites. They are quick to embrace the Vogue level of eccentricity without losing the simple female eloquence known for generations to be sensual and commanding all at the same time.


If you would like to learn more about all the sustainable offerings from this latest fashion line, be sure to check Trentasette out on Instagram. They love to announce their new lines and pieces on social media as a tease to their new product development. So embrace the comfort and relaxation of a Trentasette piece and explore their product offerings today!

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