Where do we get our passion?

Where do we get our passion? - Trentasetteofficial
Express your unique personality with Trentasette’s colourful patterns.
How you dress is a reflection of who you are. And when your wardrobe reflects your natural beauty through bright colors and confident design, you can truly be yourself each and every day.

And that’s exactly the idea Trentasette was founded on: your clothing should let you express who you are.

After all, what is your style but a way to share a glimpse of your personality with the world?

Through Trentasette’s high-quality elegant knitwears that feature striking, colorful patterns in timeless styles, someone as unique as you can look just as special as you deserve.

At Trentasette we pride ourselves on celebrating what makes us all so special: diversity and natural beauty. In the fashion industry, trends can be illusory, at once giving guidance and inspiration while also leading toward unoriginality and mass production as too many producers try to create what they think you want.

So, we went the other direction. There’s nothing quite so beautiful as your natural beauty because it’s yours - and no one else’s. To accent that, our knitwear pieces offer fit and comfort that accentuate the natural you to bring you even more confidence.

And though it’s often been treated as a trend when it should’ve been timeless all along, diversity is more important now than it’s ever been. We embrace the diversity of belief, body, and behavior to create not just an inclusive brand, but an inclusive beauty experience.

You should be able to style yourself with clothing that speaks to what makes you uniquely you.

That’s what inspired Trentasette’s story, and that’s what inspires us to help keep working, creating, crafting, and designing to help you tell your story, too. 

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