Why Knitwear Fashion is More than a Passing Trend

Why Knitwear Fashion is More than a Passing Trend

All through 2021, fashion houses and celebrities picked up on the popular trend of custom knitwear designer clothing for their models and showcases. What started as a passing trend has instead transformed into an incredible movement.

 Consumers from all over the world are flocking to custom-made knitwear because it offers a unique eloquence to their current wardrobe with a comfort level that everyone can enjoy. Maybe we all had a great time during lock-down picking up a new hobby, but the end result is incredible pieces made from wool, silks, cashmere, and blends all in a creative knitted structure that feels tantalizing against the skin.

Eloquent Knitwear is a Reliable Material with Versatile Applications

Just this last January, international pop star Dua Lipa posted a photo of her upcoming swimwear ensemble made from, you guessed it, knitwear blends. This was a floral bikini from Miaou’s Spring/Summer 2022 collection, a green sweater vest from J.W. Anderson’s Resort 2022 collection, and even a blue bucket hat knitted by a close personal friend.

When you have celebrities at the edge of fashion-forward ideas, you can be sure the so-called “trend” they are supporting is going to last way into the future. Add on top of that Bella Hadid rocking a knitted bonnet and scarf from Verconiik in NYC and a long line of other fashion moguls, and you can see where this is heading.

Why Knitted Fashion?

The simple truth is that knitted pieces offer you both unique designs as well as extreme comfort. The softness of knitted material makes them perfect for travelling, curling up on the couch with a friend, staying relaxed at a business brunch, or hitting the beach and getting a quality tan.

 Knitwear fell out of popularity for a while because it used to be hard to maintain. The dyes and materials broke down during washing. Luckily that is no longer the case. The fabrics are made with designer blends that allow them to be machine washable. This stress-free maintenance factor has led to knitwear being integrated into many fashion houses from Los Angles in the U.S. to Milan, Italy.

 Knitwear also offers a wonderful clothing piece that is durable and does not wrinkle like other fabrics. That means you can pack it easily for your next trip without having to worry about access to a steamer or iron.

Luxurious Fabric Knitwear from Trentasette

While the fashion industry is catching up to the growing movement of knitwear aficionados, customized clothing from our UAE-based fashion line at Trentasette is flying off the shelves. Those who appreciate fashion and quality fabrics have already recognized the benefit of shopping through our online platform.


At Trentasette, we offer a number of beautifully designed tops, dresses, skirts, and bottoms for practically any occasion. We create each piece with the utmost care for comfort because we are based in one of the hottest locations in the world. That is why you know when you are wearing Trentasette, you are wearing pure eloquence.


To see our latest fashions and seasonal lines, check out our store at trentasetteofficial.com or see what our lovely models are showcasing on the Gram @trentasetteoffical. We look forward to outfitting your wardrobe!

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