Trentasette Frequently Asked Questions

What are your knitwear products made from? 
All of the clothing pieces you see on our site are made from a premium rich yarn blends. These breathe exceptionally well in hotter climates and are lightweight for your comfort.

What does “knitwear” mean? 
Our products are machine knit quality comprising a single thick piece of yarn looped into a solid piece of comfortable and beautiful clothing.

What types of payments do you accept? 
Currently, Trentasette accepts only cash on delivery payments. We work hard to enable all major credit cards and PayPal as well.

We operate through a Shopify website that makes it easy to securely accept your order without fear of compromising your personal information. WE DO NOT SELL YOUR INFORMATION TO ANY THIRD PARTY!

Do you have more examples of your clothes than on your website? 
Yes! We welcome you to follow our insta @trentasetteoffical for updates on new clothing and fun fashion photoshoots with our stunning models to really get a feel for the styles we offer.

Where do you ship? 
We currently offer shipping across UAE.

What is the cost of delivery?
FREE delivery on all orders across UAE.

Do you offer returns? 
Yes! Please reach out to us to arrange any returns of undamaged items for a full refund. Please understand that you may be paying the shipping costs of the return unless item is damaged 

How do I wash my knitwear?
The best way to make sure your clothing lasts is to hand wash. Fill your sink or basin with cold water, add some gentle detergent, and clean. Avoid any hard scrubbing or rubbing, which can cause surface wear. When you’re done, dry on a towel.

Do you offer gift cards? 
Not now, but keep in touch as we are expanding our fashion house very fast.

What sizes are your products in? 
We currently offer small, medium, and large sizes of almost all knitwear products. For some of our products we offer x-large and x-small sizes and for very few products we offer sizes “in between” small/medium and large/extra-large.

Do you offer bulk sales or dropshipping?
If you would like to order bulk for some products, please send us a note to our email: info@trentasetteofficial.com to get a better idea of demand.